Pipedrive API automation 'glitch.' - Changing deal stages

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I have been having an issue with Pipedrives workflow automation tool. To me the rules here are straight forward - I have a deal which when moved to 'Check/Send Contract' AND the org name matches ANY of the listed organisations in the conditions then the deal will move to another stage called 'Under Consideration.'

Now the problem is that 100% of the time it does move from from Check/Send Contract to Under Consideration .... BUT 20% of the time its moving from Check/Send to Under Consideration and then flicks back to Check/Send to go to Under Consideration again. Effectively the automation triggers twice. This then triggers a webhook which is connected to Zapier and results in emails and numerous other Zaps also being triggered twice - including stat collecting spreadsheet for reporting which results. PD support have taken little interest nor have the engineers in fixing or explaining the issue. In fact I have been told its doing what it is supposed to do. 

I contacted Zapier who also confirmed they see no obvious issues with the Zaps other than the information coming over from the PD webhook within a ms of each other. 

The information in the webhook is exactly the same. Pipedrive have said well thats Zapier's problem without acknowledging that PD is the source of the data. 

PD actually pointed out to me the deal flow on the activity which to me knows it's jumping around and going to Under Consideration twice but I was told this was how it was meant to work? 

To me the tool is now unreliable - something I thought PD would take seriously. We are already heavy users and now potentially having to consider alternatives for myself and our 5 users. I think that because we are a small team they have little interest. 

Support also pointed out that the deal is moving backwards and forwards. Interestingly there is a required field which pops up when we first move the stage and we wonder if that has something to do with letting it trigger twice but PD just say no. 

We move the deal from Client Qualified to Check/Send (88) and then the automation should move it to Under Consideration (81) - does anyone disagree that the conditions are not set properly? 

Like I say it does work, just that intermittently it will trigger twice - almost at the same time. The user is only moving the stage once and this is what happens. Our customers are getting emails twice and we are getting data twice. 

Does anyone else have an issue with deals moving stage by flicking back and going again? This happened after the introduction of required fields which we love and use every day.

To test out issues we have turned the automation off and rebuilt it in Zapier and not had an issue with the deal moving problem. We are able to eliminate the duplications BUT it means that the emails being send out are matching the PD account on Zapier rather than the person initiating the deal move on PD - we use different brands and web domains for email so clients are getting emails from the wrong person doing it this way. 

There is a PDF attached showing the 2 webhook posts side by side along with the conditions of the API. I would be eternally grateful for anyone's advice/support and apologise for my grumpy message! 



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    @John Pearson Thank you for the comprehensive explanation of the issue that you are having.

    Vladimir from Pipedrive management team is here to help.

    First of all - I am sorry to hear that workflow automation is not working as intended and that it brings issues!

    From the provided screenshots and the explanation I understand that somehow automation triggers two times and I see no reason for that.

    However, I can see that you have multiple automations that  would send an email, some of the automations do not have exact conditions on particulars for this automation to trigger. f.e:

    WS: Pension Under Consideration

    Do you think it could be happening that due to the fact that you have two automations that are similar and they are triggered by one action at the same time?

    Unfortunately I cannot check and match all the automations that you have because the sheer amount of them that you have constructed on the account and see if any could be triggering at the same time, at least not without an example.

    So, I will be happy if you can be kind and reach out to our support using in-app chat and ask for me! And then we can hopefully figure it out together.

    Have a great day meanwhile,

    Kind regards,


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