15 Sales Follow-Up Email Templates Proven to Get a Response

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How long do you normally wait to follow up on a lead?

When it comes to closing a sale via email, timing is everything. How long do you normally wait before following up on a lead? And what subject lines do you find most effective? 

According to Robert Clay from Marketing Wizdom, only 2% of leads close after the first meeting. Therefore, sending a follow-up email is vital for making more sales. Your initial pitch has laid the foundations, whereas the process that follows is what closes the deal. 

A study by Velocify found that 93% of converted leads are reached by the sixth contact attempt after the initial discussion. It’s no secret that many salespeople give up long before this point, meaning there are substantial missed opportunities which, with a little perseverance, could have been grasped. Furthermore, the type of follow-up email you send matters

Some salespeople use a classic ‘good housekeeping’ tactic, asking the prospect if it's time to close their file. This often prompts the prospect into responding, either with a confirmation that he or she isn’t interested, or with a question that sparks further conversation and, hopefully, a sale. 

Another common method is to offer a gift or piece of valuable information, motivating the prospect to open the email and respond accordingly. No matter what method you prefer to use, it’s important that your email has personality and gives the prospect enough value that they feel motivated to take action.

A successful salesperson will often use follow-up email templates to convert sales. Do you use an email template? And if so, which one do you find the most effective and how does timing influence your success rates?

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    Great topic @David 🇺🇸 It generally takes 8 followups on average to close a deal even after a good demo call.

    At Outplay, we are working on an ebook that reveals top performing sales sequences of over 30 companies like Drift, Segment, Vidyard and more. It's still a work in progress, but happy to share a pre-release copy with the community if anyone is interested (feel free to email me lax [at] Outplayhq.com

    Here is a quick teaser - https://share.getcloudapp.com/BluBxokN

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