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Tom Serru
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Currently it's not possible to import labels when importing leads. We have some automations running based on labels, it would be useful that we can import them directly.

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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback @Tom Serru , we appreciate it. We're continuing to development improvements to Leads feature and the team has noted down your suggestion for consideration.

  • brad-pd
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    Also come across this, seems an odd omission and after 2 years still not implemented

  • Mike Eschirch
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    Same. Would like to have this feature.

  • Bradmin
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    Is this coming in the forseeable future? I just finished prepping ALL of our company data with the intent of using labels for Organization insight tracking & am very disheartend to find that it was a big waste of time. I hand-typed 250 different labels (because--from what I understand--you cannot create multiple new labels simultaniously as you can with category fields) & after all was said & done, I hit yet another pothole held up by a quick fix. It's confusing to me that custom category fields CAN be imported, labels CANNOT be imported & custom category fields CANNOT be globally utillized for insights, labels CAN be utillized. This is just another one of those important issues that limit the platform greatly, and can be 100% solved with relatively minor fixes.

    ^ Keeping this here educationally, I was wrong & this has been fixed. In my case, it looked unavailible but it was attached to a random field at the end of my sheet. So my apologies team, thank you for taking care of this. I'd like to request/suggest that maybe "Used" or "Already Linked to Column" fields are made to be still viewable but greyed out on the right of 'Step1: Upload File (Import Data)' to reduce confusion of missing fields? Thanks again & sorry forr pointing fingers.