Update to Adding Contacts is now more time consuming and requires several more clicks - not happy

Sonny Phan
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Using Pipedrive everyday to add contacts to companies, I have noticed a recent update that is frustratingly inefficient and in my opinion unnecessary.

Before the update, I would just click on the"+" button to add a person which would bring up some person fields for me to fill out.. perfect.

Now when I go to do the same, a little pop up box "link a person" appears.

I would need to start typing a name, which Pipedrive would then need to "think" through the data which takes valuable time to suggest some names to link to.

However I am not linking a person, I want to add a new contact so a couple more clicks i would then finally get to the screen where I can add new contact and their details.

Often, Pipedrive takes its time  (5-15 seconds) as I type out the name and need to wait and then after several clicks just to add in a new contact where as before it was 1 click and no wait time.

The annoyance is compounded when I have to do this for so many contacts to add each and every day.

Needs to change back to how it was before to add contacts.. not link a person.

Is anyone else feeling the same?



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    Hi @Sonny Phan , thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

    Despite the differences in the user interface, when you add a person to a company what you are doing "behind the scenes" is linking that person to that organization :)

    The tool spends a couple more seconds "thinking" now because it's looking for potential duplicates, to help you keep your contact list uncluttered. That being said, I've passed on your feedback internally to the respective team.

    A great tip if you're adding or updating many contacts at once is to upload a spreadsheet, see how in this tutorial.