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Kristina Ekkersgaard
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Hi there, 

At this moment we use activities for follow up. It works fine, bot we would like to refine the process, because suddenly a week has passed, and we didn`t follow up on the planned leads.

I am looking for something like this: 

Every morning I want to delegate out 1 phonecall to each of my colleagues. Only one. 

I want to make a prioritized list of all our leads/customers for me to use for this. 

If the first on the list is "Contracter AAA" I will give this to my collegue Kasper. If the second is "Contractor BBB" I will give this to my colleague Kristian.


The time of the Activity is not important for most of them, if we call today or in a week is not important. The prioritized list is important. 

But a small group of the customers, need a phonecall on a specific day, so they need to overrule the prioritized list, and get on the top of the list automaticly. 

I hope you get where I am trying to go... This would work great in our business.

Thank you for any advice :)

Kind regards,

Kristina Ekkersgaard, Denmark


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    Hi @Kristina Ekkersgaard , Pipedrive does not have a dedicated feature for priority activities as you described. But you can do something like creating custom activity types, and have one of those activity types be a priority activity.

    I am adding some additional relevant topics to your post, so other users can see it and offer their own suggestions :)