Actual SDR’s talk about best practises for email outreach 👇

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We asked Outplay’s sales team members who have consistently achieved their quota targets on what strategy they follow for their superb sales email game. Here are the highlights - 

  1. I like to keep things simple. Every one of my emails follows the AIDA framework. This is how it works - Grab reader’s attention, pique their interest, and generate a desire in them to take an action. 
    Bill Stiber
  2. I go with a short subject line, a personalized elevator pitch, and a catchy CTA at the end. 
    Manthan Gupta
  3. I make sure I ask my prospects a question on what problem they are facing and then mention how we can help solve it. 
    Muneesh Tyagi
  4. Crisp and unconventional subject lines are the way to go. Stay away from overused terms like efficiency in your email and please don’t write robotic-sounding emails.
    Srivaradha Vanamamalai A
  5. If you have reviews for your product, include them in your email. Social proof of how others are successfully using your product generates trust in your prospects. 
    Shreya Sinha 

Our sales team prefers sending multi-channel outreach sequences for meeting their revenue goals. Instead of focussing purely on email, these sequences also include doing planned outreach through call, SMS, & social. You can make your our sequences on Outplay - #1 sales engagement platform on the Pipedrive marketplace.


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