New: Workflow Automation 2.0 out now! 🦾🤖

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The new workflow editor lets you create sequences of events.


Workflow Automation 2.0 is now fully available as the default workflow version. Any pre-existing workflows will remain on version 1.0, only newly created workflows will use version 2.0.


For whom?

All users on the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan.


What can I do with it?

  • benefit from a more user-friendly look and feel
  • create automated sequences
  • add custom due dates to Activity actions
  • use merge fields in Activity notes
  • duplicate and upgrade WA 1.0 workflows to the new 2.0 version


🧠 Learn all about Workflow Automation 2.0 from our brand new Academy Course, and our Knowledge Base tutorial in your preferred language.


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