Why do real estate sales professionals, specifically, need a CRM?

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A 2018 study conducted by Software Advice discovered that 45% of buyers of CRM software are in either real estate, consulting or insurance markets. The biggest percentage of all of them belonged to real estate. 

Realtors deal with large workloads on a daily basis, making a CRM built for real estate all the more crucial. CRM can not only help realtors cut back on the stress of manually inputting data into an excel spreadsheet, but can offer all of the following benefits too:  

  • The ability to juggle multiple workloads at once
  • Quicker response times to clients and landlords 
  • The ability to control where a lead lands in the sales funnel
  • A cloud-based software solution for agents on-the-go
  • The ability to easily keep in contact with former clients to boost relationships
  • The ability to quickly identify sales goals and outcomes without mulling over Excel spreadsheets

Below are some of the most common reasons realtors turn to CRM.


If you’d like to learn more about CRM for Real Estate, you can click here to read our comprehensive guide.

How do you think real estate sales could benefit from using a CRM, and what day-to-day pain-points can it solve?