Old customer is back with all data export, but how can I tell him to import this data?

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I have a client who decided to stop Pipedrive subscription about six months ago. But he exported all the data as shown in the screenshot. Then he had six excel files for these items:

  1. deals
  2. organizations
  3. people
  4. products
  5. activities
  6. notes

Now he wants to get back to Pipedrive, and he's very excited to recover all the data from these excel files.
But it turns out that 'data import' is tricky. We can import only one file at a time, and each import creates a fresh set of items.

Consider this scenario:

  1. Let's say that he imports an excel file for deals. As this Excel file also contains column for people and organizations, such an import will create people and organizations as well.
  2. Now when he imports an excel file for organizations, Pipedrive will make a duplicate copy of each organization.

Is there any way to solve this problem?



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    If the people and organisation files containts the original Pipedrive Sys ID I'd load them first, then do a lookup & match in XLS to replace the names with the IDs in deals and notes. IDs will reference the existing people/orgs in the system as opposed to create new ones. 

    If you don't have the original Sys ID,  load people/org first then extract with IDs and do what suggested above. 

    As an alternative you could transform/merge the data from multiple files into one. 

    Youl will need to check if Notes are related to an account or a deal. 

    Activities if all in the past, I'd skip entirely, if required for reporting. historic reason make sure they will be marked as done.  

    The main issue will be with products. You can load the products but you cannot link them to deals.






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    Ted Youn, 

    We can help you in this data upload using APIs so we can make sure the quality of data import is managed and also no duplicates are created. Please contact @ shanprem@paalam.co.uk.



    Paalam UK (we automate business)



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