Create Deal Summary / Abstract - For Management Reviews / Approvals

I'm interested in creating a "deal summary or abstract" with the primary terms of the deal that are needed for review and consideration as part of the wants only certain data, not the entire deal history...and adding a custom checkbox option for approved / rejected / arrange meeting  (or even an open text box for free text questions/guidance)

Any recommendations?  

"Custom Field Panel" // "SmartDoc" ??


  • I am thinking out loud but an internal tool can be set up using Retool to cater to this requirement.

  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Tony,

    I believe the best way to do this would be to create a Smart Docs template with all the fields that are usually required on those summaries. From that template, you will be able to create a document anytime you need a summary for a deal. The fields will get automatically filled with the information on the deal.

    As for the custom checkbox, you can create a single option custom field as well as a text custom field for the questions/guidance.

    If you have any trouble setting this up, our lovely support team is there for you, so please do reach out.

    Kind regards,