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Our Pipedrive pro @Bruna Fondo shares some tips on how you can easily set up LeadBooster to receive support tickets from your website, and be automatically notified whenever a new request comes through in your pipeline.

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    Thanks a lot! 

    Bruna, you are mentioning the main issue for handling tickets in Pipedrive by the end of the clip. For working properly you would just need a shared inbox. This feature was requested a lot in the community.  A work around: You take one additional license and use this for syncing your support@address. 

    Besides that: The bot, the automations and the specific pipeline are working perfectly. We are doing one thing additonally: We put a label like "open ticket" automatically to the Org and/or the Contact as soon as a "Ticket deal" is open. Just that sales is aware on first sight that there is something going on. And we remove it again if the deal is closed.