Can't change "unsubscribed" marketing status

Adacor Marketing
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There are many cases that we should be able to change to marketing status from unsubscribed to subscribed again: 

  • user just unsubscribed from a specific newsletter and not ALL of them
  • missclicked the status while editing contact details
  • customer decides that he wants to receive newsletters again

Hopefully we will be able to a) change the unsubscribe marketing status or b) have multiple unsubscribe statuses that differ from each newsletter list. 

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  • Chris Wray
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    I think this is a bug.

    If you click the checkbox next to the person, and then use the bulk edit field, you can change this. 

    Hope this helps. - Chris

  • Graham Cox
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    Hi everyone, we all need to start moaning at PD in unison here to get them to take some action.

    See my post here:

    Please start complaining or they just ignore us.

  • Neil Calvert
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    I agree that this is needed. As suggested, there are scenarios where you will want to manually move someone from unsubscribed to subscribed.

    At the moment, PD does not allow this. You can try - and it shows that it is working - but the status is not updated.

    I am new to the Campaign module - migrating from using Campaign Monitor and now have a list of 11000 contacts who are all unsubscribed and can't do anything with them...

    Bit disappointed to see that this thread was raised in December and as of today (August) this has not been addressed...