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Jay Graves
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Does anyone have advice on "bundling" product line items in Deals? We have various products that are made up line items that we would like to price and group together in a standard way (without salespeople have to remember what goes on each line item). Looking for a way to have these entered in a standard way based on the bundle name.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Morten Sørensen
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    I totally agree that it would be great to have the ability to create product bundles in Pipedrive á la the functionality of Quoter and basically all other CPQ software vendors.

  • TK Lakshman
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    Indeed, Product Bundles are often a "short cut" used by sellers to quickly add line-items to a quote that consist of distinct products that are sold as a bundle. Mobileforce CPQ (we are a new Pipedrive partner) enables the creation of Product Bundles in our CPQ Product Catalog

  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Hi @TK Lakshman @Morten Sørensen @Jay Graves

    In 2023 we are focusing in improving significantly the Products feature.

    Therefore, feel free to suggest other improvements you would like in the Products Catalog related to Product bundling or other features related to Products for us to take in consideration during research phase.

    Many thanks :)

  • daruking
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    +1 for really wanting--actually requiring--this feature.

  • Gordon_W
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    This is a requirement for our company. We sell groups of products to match a customer workflow requirement so being able to create named, aggregating product sets and then adding in individual products into these sets would be ideal. The ability to price product sets with appropriate package pricing would also be required.

  • Łukasz_44810
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    We are exactly looking for for bundling product's. We also have a various of products as a customized sets. Here is our idea how this could look like.


  • Łukasz_44810
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    Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco you could also think about adding some small "pictures" for each product integrated with Smart Docs/Google Drive....

  • Zain Javed
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    @Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco I can not believe Pipedrive has not focused on improving the product feature to include bundling or grouping. This is a very common feature and requirement for most businesses. It's been requested since 2020. Is there any timelines on when we can expect to see this feature?

  • daruking
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    Any update on this functionality?

    AMDRZM Member Posts: 2
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    Any update on when this will be done?

  • Xavier Framis
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    Any update on this functionality?

    This is not the first time a client has asked me for it.

    Yesterday I requested it to customer service after asking if it was possible. They told me that they shared it with product development because they found it interesting.

    I hope they do someday.

  • Hello!

    We have bundles in our Quoting solution for Pipedrive - Scaido, and you can add them to any quote that was prepared, and start typing the name in Block Title.

    Extension: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/app/scaido-io/070eeadf9932ec93