Is your business getting ready to start sending out mass emails? Here’s how to do it using Gmail:

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1. Create a recipients spreadsheet

Create your contacts list by copying Google’s mail merge template spreadsheet and inputting your recipients’ information. 

Then download the mail merge extension in the “add-ons” toolbar section.

With Yet Another Mail Merge, you’re able to use the extension to add contacts automatically from Gmail.

2. Compose or upload your email template

The next thing you need is the content you will be sending. You can compose this copy in any writing application.

To add personalization, link data from the spreadsheet you created in the first step. Simply include merge tag placeholders surrounded by double curly brackets that correspond to the columns you wish to include, like {{First Name}}. 

3. Send the email

Rather than sending to a massive list of recipients via the BCC field, you can send a mass email with more confidence and tracking ability. 

Activate the Yet Another Mail Merge add-on via your extensions and press “Start mail merge”. 

Choose the template you wish to send, input your sender name and select the column with your recipients’ email addresses. When you’re finished, press send.

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