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Our agents with "regular user" accounts can see one another's Activities when they don't have the "Activity field of Assigned To is Current User" filter set.  How can we prevent agents from seeing one another's Activities like we do for Contacts?  Thanks! 


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    Currently, the activity's visibility relies on the visibility of a connected item. So for example - if an activity is linked to a Contact Person that is not visible for the Regular User - the activity itself is not visible either. We do not have separate visibility options to set for activities. This also means that when an activity is not linked to any Contact Person, Organization or Deal, then this activity will be visible and no option to restrict. I hope this helps and if you see it behaving in any other way, you can always check with our Support via in-app chat or email: [email protected].

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    Thank you Kreete, we will ensure that all activities are linked to a contact and will reach back out to you if we experience this issue again.  Appreciate your help!