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Bonjour, lorsque j'organise une activité future sur un individu qui est dans une entreprise, dans le pipeline "Affaires" il n'en tient pas compte et je suis obligé à nouveau d'organiser cette activité au niveau de l'entreprise. Comment cela se fait ?



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    I am sorry for replying in English. I hope you can use the "Translate" button below. 

    In this case, please double check if the activity has been set up under a Deal. If it is, then it should automatically link to a Contact person and Organization. 

    However, if. itis only created under a Contact Person - it is expected that the Deal view does not show it. This is related to the hierarchy Pipedrive has and essentially the fact that a Contact Person can have multiple Deals, so it is decided that not all Person activities would automatically link. 

    To change this, you can open the activities and manually link to the needed Deal. Or, in the future make sure to create activities under the Deal. 

    If any further help is needed, please check with our official support team via in-app chat or email

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