Google Drive + Documents - Just use the reference on Google Drive, no more duplicate files.

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Please allow us to opt out of copying documents to a Pipedrive folder on Drive for editing in Google Docs.

It kills the entire approval and version control routine our team is setup around.

Just let us reference the source files and edit those, please! :D


Ideal Workflow

  • We attach a document to a deal, the source file is used without a duplicate of the file being created on Drive (current method with Pipedrive).
    • Ideally an option to toggle this behaviour
    • Version control and all the tools in Workspace doc editing means we should just use the source file to avoid redundant files on our drives.
  • When sending a document for signature, it would be ideal if the source file was used as noted above, and a PDF was created for the signing based on this document. 
    • Having to have a new Google Document every-time is wasteful and creates issues with collaboration.

I would be happy to explain more details about why this would be preferential for permissions and collaboration.

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