7 April Fools email examples you can use to generate sales 🤡

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Many people go into April 1st (or April Fools' Day) already expecting not to believe a word they read. From false proposals to fake lottery wins, it’s the now-global holiday for pranks... so, what does this mean for brands?


It can mean an opportunity: an April Fools email is a great way to introduce humor into your marketing campaigns, generate engagement and make your subscribers’ day a little better.


Research has shown that people remember funny content better than other forms of content. This is demonstrated in some of the most successful Super Bowl ads. People not only remember the brand and product, but they can recall the advertisement in full detail years later. 


But humor isn’t guaranteed to land the way you planned it and walking the fine line between funny and irritating is where an April Fools’ Day email campaign can become challenging. In this article we’ll share seven great April Fools’ Day email examples to send, and then discuss the strategies you can use to ensure your campaign is a hit.