Are RSS feeds still a useful resource for sales and marketing pros?

Will Sigsworth
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RSS feeds can still serve a purpose for salespeople and marketers, especially at a point where they meet: Sales enablement.

Here are 4 ways RSS feeds can help you with your sales enablement content.

Keep track of leads and prospects

RSS feeds help you to keep track of leads, find opportunities to develop a connection and react to activity in your industry. For instance, you may see that a prospect has recently received funding and might have budget for your product. 

Stay on top of customer needs and pain points

Social media is useful for tracking how customers are reacting to you or your competitors’ offerings. An RSS reader will subscribe you to a specific hashtag or search term on Twitter, giving you a curated feed of everything people are saying about the chosen term.

Monitor competitors

Follow competitor content and stay up to date with their activity.

Success rests on your ability to sell your business’s strengths over competitors, so make sure you know them inside out.

Stay informed about best practices

Use RSS content to stay informed about your field. Follow reputable sources,  keep on top of new tools and strategies and inform your sales methodology for stellar results.

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