Attach uploaded Files to Email in Pipedrive



  • Brad_80905
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    I am evaluating Pipedrive for our small company.  Just ran into this issue while trying to send an email with an attachment from a contact record.  Searched on Google to find this discussion.  

    Pipedrive, do you have an ETA when this important feature will be added?  Looks like it has been over a year since it was discovered. 

  • Ali_76926
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    I cant attach the uploaded files to an email. This is crazy as within teams they may not have access to the files apart from what's on Pipedrive. Very inefficient to download then attach to an email. 

    Please can this be sorted. 



  • Lewis Butler
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    If you'd like to consider an alternative which offers this feature (and has a good mobile app), I'd recommend checking out Zendesk Sell. I used it as a former company and is an option we are still considering. 

    It is also wild to me there isn't an easy to paste in the pipedrive generated links for documents you create as well. 

  • Tom @ Formcraft
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    Just adding to this list of grumbles. Indeed; once a file is uploaded it should be easy to attach it to an email. I also would like the option to easily save attachment in emails to a deal, so they show up in the file list.

    This is indeed such a basic and daily requirement, is surprising that a lot of fringe features get worked on but such a basic concept gets overlooked.

  • I just hit this wall. So stupid. So right now have to upload the file to the email and then upload it into the deal?

  • Any update on this feature? Being able to attach files to an email directly from Pipedrive is very important to us. We spend a lot of time downloading files that are already attached to a Deal and then uploading them again to attach to email. 

    Months have gone by and no solution offered. Please make this a PRIORITY as it looks like many folks are finding this cumbersome!

  • So far any updates...

    I'm on my trail and I will not proceed because you're missing this feature..

    Should be a basic feature.