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Luke Stafford
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Is there a way to set a group activity for a long list of clients? E.g much like sending a group email you can set a group activity rather than individually. 


  • Andre Vill -
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    Directly like a bulk edit, is a No for now. 

    A workaround for this would be to make a Custom field, and make automation that adds an activity when that custom field is something that you predefine. 

    1. Add a custom field "Potential clients to reach out to"
    2. Make an automation with:
      1. When contact is updated
      2. And custom field changes into "Potential Clients to reach out to"
      3. Create an activity "Follow up this person"
    3. Bulk edit all the contacts that you like and change the custom field into "Potential clients to reach out to"
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