Email Sync: all emails or manual link?

Otto de Graaf
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We use Email Sync to keep track of what our sales reps communicate with prospects. However, we either:

  • Sync and link every email to deals and leads
    • This gives a complete picture, but a lot of noise with emails that are not relevant (i.e. can you resend this file, or I need to reschedule our meeting)
  • Link individual emails manually
    • This reduces the noise, but has a high risk of sales forgetting to manually link an email to a deal or lead

Do any of you have best practices or tips for this? Many thanks!


  • Pipedrive User 164
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    All emails. Why add the extra work of linking only specific emails? 

  • Thomas Møller Jensen
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    As you write it is all or manual. All meaning all emails, meetings, contacts, event items marked as private

    Solutions have been suggested to make it easy to choose what you want to sync.

    But as it works today, my work around is to configure sync to only synchronise a specific folder in my email client, and then move items I want to sync with pipedrive to this folder. Yes, that involves going to the sent items folder and moving them. Nice enough when you have moved an email, future responses also get synchronised with pipedrive, even without moving them to the sync folder. 

    Also started to do a lot of my emails from within Pipedrive, as it then gets synced, and I am also able to use Pipedrive tracking and see when emails are opened and links in it clicked.