The lead tab and function in activities needs a lot of work A lot

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First I want to explain what I see from leads. I think it is a great idea to have separate leads from your active pipeline, we were waiting for months for the integration of caller in leads and finally, we have it and it works fine.  However, the LEADS function is still far away from the Pipedrive standard.

My leads section only has 40 people.

1. The LEADS tabs do not always load and take a long time to display.

2.- The interactions you have in the leads section are not always recorded in the contact data.

3-. It does not load all the contact data when you interact in the leads section, this is uncomfortable especially when you have two or three contact numbers of a lead.

4. LEAS IS NOT RELIABLE YET. I have had to repeat activities and information constantly.

5.- Records and calls are not always synchronized between contact and leads. So there is information that is on the LEAD section and not in the contact section.

6.- If you are using the filters tab outside leads it does not work properly

7.- Automations sometimes duplicate the operations or the leads.

In a conclusion. LEADS needs a lot of work to emulate the Pipedrive Standard.



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    Well said.

    As an alternative, you can use deals and start the first stage as "new lead"