What is brand positioning and why is it important to your marketing strategy?

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A brand’s positioning comprises several elements, including (but not limited to) its name, identity and price point. These elements are woven into a narrative, also known as brand messaging, that customer operations, marketing and sales can use. 

Trusted brands have a competitive advantage. A recent Edelman survey found 81% of respondents need to trust a brand before they’ll buy from them.

This is why strong brand positioning is important for any marketing strategy. 

Let’s use hypothetical software products as an example: 

  • Product A is made by an established brand that offers B2B companies a way to automate marketing using API
  • Product B offers a no-code solution to connect apps without building from scratch

No-code triggers don’t require an engineer and will save a company time. Brand two can market Product B as an efficient, easy-to-use automation tool that doesn’t require a specialist. 

It differentiates them from their competitors (Product A and similar solutions), highlighting the customer value immediately and giving Product B a unique, trust-building platform.

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    Brand positioning is the first step for a successful business, IMHO