Setting activities for multiple leads

Philip Willems
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Is there a way to add a single to multiple leads at the same time? 

I want to set a deadline to contact a number of leads. But I can't figure out how to set the deadline for multiple leads at the same time. I have to go into the leads' individual pages. Anybody?

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  • Amit Sarda (
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    You have to first create an activity for each lead.

    Then update the due date of the activity using bulk edits.

    Not ideal.

  • Philip Willems
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    Thanks @Amit Sarda . I was afraid somebody might say that. 

    I did actually find one method that is somewhat useful. In the activities page, you can create an activity and then add multiple contacts. You'd still need an extra screen or list with your leads to actually make it work well, since there is no direct connection to the leads section.

  • Joshua Murphy
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    Why dont you automate creating the activities for leads, but I would recommend if you want to automate something like that you should be using your pipeline as each stage could trigger certain activities, it works a lot better than leads, or you can turn a lead into a deal and that would trigger creating an activity. 

  • svamann
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    We sometimes create one activity for multiple contacts, but only if we really need to, e.g., send one email to all of them (multiple recipients in the same mail).

    When we want to perform the same activity for multiple contacts/leads each, we instead create equal activities for each of them. The fastest way I found so far is to do this via export/import:

    1. Select the contacts/leads/deals you want to create the activity for
    2. Export them, including the Pipedrive System ID for the Person/Deal
    3. In the CSV/Excel, add the columns for the activity (like type, title, deadline, owner)
    4. Import that data again, which batch-creates all the activities
  • Jennie Ekigbo
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    It would be great if Pipedrive could enable us to add multiple leads / deals to one activity.