Duplicate activities (ideally with a shift / option + drag n drop)

Laurent Gaulhiac
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I am doing some time blocking with a "blocked time" activities (for personal stuff mostly), where I am set busy and the task is done. I wish to be able to quickly duplicate tasks from the calendar view (ideally with a shift / option + drag n drop).



  • TonyN
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    I see that this question topic has been asked before with no positive response. I conclude that the activity to be duplicated should be entered in a calendar outside Pipedrive (like Google) that syncs with Pipedrive. It is a little annoying to need to jump between apps for this. Any better thoughts?

  • Is there any way of making a periodic task in the agenda on pipedrive?

  • Pipedrive had recurring activities on the roadmap.

    Not sure if that's the case anymore.

    But given the right criteria, it can be set up using Make/Integromat or Zapier.