New: 🤖 3 performance-boosting Chatbot features

Ruslan Shogenov
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We’ve upgraded Chatbot with three exciting new features, granting you access to more data to help optimize your websites and playbooks.


Make the most of Chatbot’s new features to:

  • View playbook funnel and flow reports – Access in-depth statistics to see customer journeys and pinpoint where visitors are dropping off from your Chatbot.
  • Capture URLs – Automatically record what page a customer was on when converting to a lead and store the URL as a custom field.
  • Capture disqualified leads – Store information from unfinished leads who leave mid-convo, including phone numbers and emails.

Learn more about the new features here.


These features are already available to customers subscribed to our LeadBooster add-on. 

How to start:

Chatbot can be accessed as part of the LeadBooster add-on. If you’re a LeadBooster customer, you can try the new features by heading to the Chatbot tab. 


If you haven’t yet tried Chatbot, learn how to build your own bot and qualify more leads in this article.



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    Thanks a lot for this new feature Ruslan ! 

  • Errol Newson
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    Love these upgrades... do we have more chat bot upgrades coming after this? Really excited to see the chot bot get a power up. Jet packs, lazers, proton cannon... what every you guys can do. The chat bot has done wonders for lead gen, and we are hoping to see more features. Love it!! Thanks Pipedrive!!