Will Pipedrive automation be triggered by a spreadsheet import?

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I have about 500 leads and would like to apply the automation feature of Pipedrive to create deals then move it into a new stage but would need to import it to the Pipeline through a spreadsheet. Will that trigger the automation or only manually added deals can trigger it?


  • No, it won't.

    You can simulate an update event after importing and that can trigger the automation.

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  • I am facing the exact same challenge as Jenny. Pipedrive does offer the trigger "Lead creation" which I assumed to be also triggered when importing leads via a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It would be very helpful if you could add this feature to Pipedrive. As a data scientist, I know it won't take much time to implement this and it would reduce a lot of work for us as users.

    Are there any plans of adding this feature to Pipedrive?

  • You have to do the import and then change the contacts in some way. It's extra and tedious. So you have to have a filter that will catch them somehow. Probably with a custom field value that you have to add to the spread sheet prior to import.

    Then you bulk edit those contacts by changing a field to something arbitrary. The update should trigger the automation if they meet the conditions.

    It's ridiculous and can get tangled if you don't keep good notes on which filters and fields/field values apply to which imports and workflow automations.