How can I automatically create a task to follow up with people in the 'Contacts Timeline' who do not

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How can I automatically create a task to follow up with people in the 'Contacts Timeline' who do not meet the set follow up frequency?


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    Hi @Ryan Dus !

    I can think the best way to achieve the result you're looking for is to create a different Contact Timeline filter for those people who don't fit the filter you're currently using, using a different frequency criteria (you can have multiple ones running at the same time).

    Using Workflow Automation wouldn't quite work, as the type of triggers available are Person Created, Person Updated and Person Deleted. You could add more conditions to translate that the last activity marked as done was in date X or earlier, but you would still need to make some kind of update to People who already exist in your Pipedrive for it to work. It would work for People created from this point in time onwards, though.

    But I do believe my very first suggestion is the simplest one to set up and maintain. 🙂 If you need help with it, reach out to out SUpport team, who can walk you through it.
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    Hi @Ryan Dus ,

    To be curious. I assume you are referring to contacts that have not yet been included in a newly set follow-up frequency and wish to set this up anyway?
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    Hi Bert, I am referring to contacts who do match (and are included) in my filter. Say I set the follow-up frequency to one week, and it tells me '10 need to be contacted'. Is there a way for Pipedrive to automatically create tasks for those individuals each day, rather than myself needing to manually check the timeline and assign the tasks myself?
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    Hello @Ryan Dus 

    I think what you want to do is possible using zapier!

    1- In the idea of ​​must make yourself a filter, in PIPEDRIVE, which brings out the contacts for which you want to create an activity


    2- in zapier, you can create an activity for a person who is matching with your filter


    To test, but it must work (Beware of the number of zap that it can bring out).

    keep me up to date

  • Vengat Krishnaraj
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    Hey @Ryan Dus ,

    You can check out Klenty for this purpose. It is an email automation tool that helps the sales team send personalized emails and automate follow-up at scale. It has seamless integration with Pipedrive with which you can create automated workflows to import contacts from Pipedrive to Klenty and start/stop campaigns for them automatically. 

    Using Klenty’s ‘Triggers & Actions' you will be able to create advanced workflows like creating a new lead or moving a deal to a new stage, etc in Pipedrive automatically based on the triggers in Klenty like email opens, clicks, replies etc. For example, in your case, you can create tasks like follow up cadences to reach your prospects automatically if they do not meet the set frequency .

    Do check out Klenty in the marketplace and read user reviews:

    Hope this helps you!
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