Who is using the new Lead feature in Pipedrive? How do you use it versus just having a Contact?

Bethany Ann George
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Who is using the new Lead feature in Pipedrive? How do you use it versus just having a Contact?


  • Martijn Vriesinga
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    Currently in my situation not using it, since a lot of our business is with existing contacts (customer or not) and there is currently no way to add your existing people which you have in your database as an lead. 

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Bethany Ann George !

    The concept behind Leads is allowing users to store in PIpedrive the situations in the early stages of your process where you may find yourself with a lot of potential deals sitting in the early stages of your pipeline, not ready to move forward through the sales process but also not cold enough to be lost or deleted. This can cause a lot of clutter in your workspace and can distract you from focusing on the deals that need your immediate attention. 

    Pipedrive's Leads inbox is a separate inbox to keep your prequalified Leads in before they become deals. Once you decide which Leads can be qualified, you can easily convert them to deals and add them directly into your pipeline to start your sales process. Learn more about how you cab use Leads here.

    I can also tell you that we're currently working on the option to do the reverse operation: convert Deals to Leads, and in the future, Contacts to Leads (this may be interesting to you @Martijn Vriesinga ). Stay tuned and join the Research and Beta Testing group for the chance to test early versions of new features coming up. 🚀