Please allow us to sort the Kanban view

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As I understand it from this post, the Kanban columns are auto-sorted by activity.

But that creates a problem for me that ultimately wastes my time and energy.

Too often, I'm waiting for events to happen over a few days - as a result, it's impossible to remember 'last activity' - and I spend an inordinate amount of time scrolling up and down to find the deal name (since they're not sorted even by name)

Yes, I can search, but it's an extra step.

I've also tried to set filters but it creates it's own problems

  1. You end up with a whole bunch and then have to spend time deleting/editing them
  2. You forget there's a filter - as is what happened today - and leads to anxiety.


Today, instead of diving in and getting work done, I spent about 15-20 minutes on 'managing Pipedrive UI' - editing filters, setting up views

You'd probably agree that's not what the core philosophy of Pipedrive is :)

So please, give us some basic ways to sort the Kanban view - Alphabetical - and ideally by a field of our choosing.

Thanks for listening.

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