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Jess Stacey
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Hi 👋 I’m a PM at Pipedrive working on the Products feature, and we’ve just started to roll out the new Product Images feature.

What will you get with this release?

You can now add images to products in your catalogue, so you can:

  • see the image when searching for a product to add to a deal
  • see the image in the list of products added to a deal
  • use the product image in Smart Docs templates for proposals and quotes (Google Docs solution only)

Where: You can add images to a product in the Product Detail View.

In Smart Docs, the new Product images placeholder can be added to product tables in a template.

Availability: Products are available on all plans (Smart Docs is available via the add-on or in Professional plans or higher)

We are gradually releasing the feature from today - 100% release is scheduled for 20th September.

Looking forward to any feedback you may have on this! 😊 📷️


  • Craig Beaumont
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    Hi @Jess Stacey this is a very welcome feature, can it be integrated into SmartDocs in the product fields, I can see it as yet.

    This is a fantastic feature and will be definitely beneficial to our workflow in SmartDocs 🔥

  • Craig Beaumont
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    Another feature that would be fantastic would be for the product description to appear in the add product to deal section, this would make a lot of sense and make the processes flow better across all my SmartDocs

    See Post

  • This is a great feature @Jess Stacey . We are a manufacturing company and would love to be able to put product specifications in there along with upcost options so the price can easily be managed. I would like to have a searchable product catalogue which will show all product specification and other loading information. Will this be developed?

  • Parece ser um recurso muito top, ainda nao tenho acesso em nossa conta para testar, gostariamos muito de ver ele funcionando.

  • sroyston
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    This is a very useful feature. Will pictures also be able to be applied to leads and deals?

  • Pavel Lenshin
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    Great feature. I would like to suggest several other features:

    • ability to display product images in the table products view
    • ability to mass delete or upload similar images to multiple product listings via bulk edit option
    • ability to add several images per product and insert them into the documents


  • Amanda Witz
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    Love this feature! Keep up the good work on rolling out awesome features.

  • user_it_noonica
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    Looks great

    Is it possible to upload in bulk from api? If not... are you planning to release this update anytime soon?


  • Great feature for Google integrations but not for Microsoft.

    I have customers that want images in Smart Docs for Microsoft Word.

    Is it planned?

    Good also if it is possible to import the images. If it is 500 products it is a lot of manual uploads.

  • Hefe
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    this is great!

    Could you also add the feature to products that I can upload files and then have my sales reps send those files to clients via E-Mail?