Insights: Inaccurate tracking of stage completion

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Stages in the pipeline:

In discussion --> Demo Booked --> Next steps in progress --> Second meeting booked --> In negotiation --> Not now - later

When someone updates a pipeline stage for a deal (DEAL A), from in discussion to not now - later 

Under insights - when looking at how many Demo's were booked this week, DEAL A will be counted there.


Currently pipedrive's logic will take all stages in-between In Discussion & Not now later and will check those stages as entered, despite DEAL A not having entered any of them.

This then appears under my Insights, as a demo booked even though not the case.

It would be great if the Deal entered stage date is filter would only consider the count, if the deal was actually logged in that stage (by being dragged across or clicked across).

Thank you!


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    Hi @Alex Please can I ask, what type of report have you configured on your insights to show this? 

  • Alex_54657
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    Edie Mew said:

    Hi @Alex Please can I ask, what type of report have you configured on your insights to show this? 

    Hi @Edie Mew - yeah sure:


    Let me know if that is clear enough :)

  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Alex,

    Indeed, you are correct in how our progress report works at the moment. The entered stage deal count will also include deals that have skipped that stage while moving on to a future stage. For example, if one deal has moved from in discussion directly to In negotiation in the time frame selected, it will show as having entered all stages in between. 

    This is not something that can be changed at the moment, but I understand how in some cases it might not be ideal. Your feedback was forwarded to our product team and they will review it and consider it for future improvements. Feedback is very valued by us as it helps us improve and provide the best possible service, so thank you for taking the time to leave yours here.

    To stay updated on new features, you can follow our What's Planned and What's New pages. :)

    Kind regards,