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Reports to measure productivity by analysing specific activities within the stages of a funnel...NOT possible. 

Trying to create a report where I can see which activities that has been registered (both as scheduled and completed) in each of the stages of a funnel. A report like this would give me a better view of how our sales reps are acting in each step in addition to if they are following our routines. Example: By measuring how often our agents have to remind our clients to answer a request or answer a scheduled call I would (1) see the quality of our leads and (2) the quality of the agents previous interaction with the client (as agents who connect well with clients need to remind the client of 'dead lines' etc less often). Since all stages in our funnel exist to display critical moments in the relationship with them I would like to see at which stage these activities are happening. Clearly I can see all this when entering specific client cards (deals) but I want to see this in reports or at least generate data to enable a amplified view on our entire client base and separated on different periods, agents, etc. 

Anyone? Is there a workaround?  



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    Hi Par!

    This is indeed not yet possible in our reports, but I can see how it might be very useful. Your feedback has been forwarded directly to our product team through an internal channel, so I can ensure you that it is valued and taken into consideration.

    What I would suggest for now is using our activities list view and sorting the list by the column "deal stage", adding the pipeline and deal name columns too for clarity if needed. I made an example here:

    You can further filter the list if you wish (for example by user) by using our filters at the top right-hand side corner.

    Hopefully this will help! Don't forget to keep an eye on our  What's Planned and What's New pages to know about new features being released :)

    Have a good one!