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An access to logs of workflow executions would be very very appreciated to be able to debug them. Even Pipedrive support team would love to have it.

My proposal:

* A raw log in csv format fed by actions which could be available from the admin pages (beware to use ';' and not ',' as there are plenty of ',' in texts) 

* A url language allowing to make the request (e.g."date"&to="date")

* A simple form with dates (from, to) which queries the log and send it to the admin by mail.

NB: In my case I would appreciate to have all the workflow mixed together in the log. A log per workflow would make it harder to debug possible inter-workflow dependencies.

My 2 cents

-- Laurent


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Laurent CHARLES , thank you for your feedback! I can say that our developers are already hard at work on a feature that will allow you to find out more about workflow executions in Pipedrive!

    There is presently no estimate for release, but be sure to follow the What's New and What's Planned topics. That is where you will learn about it first 🔔

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