Time-based email automation

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I have an inquiry regarding time-based email automation. E.g. If Deal is rotting, send template 1, if last email received > 5 days, send template 2.


Is this already working and I just don't know how? Is this in dev? or only on the roadmap?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts as usual :)



  • Richard Hoffmann
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    @Inês Batata  Thanks for your thoughts on this!



  • Paolo Puppoli
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    Hi Richard,  same for me. Did you get a response?

  • Marcelo Silva_43
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    Ainda não funciona assim.

    Eu recomendo que você utilize o Lemlist integrado ao Pipedrive ou o Mailigem.

    Eu fiz algumas automações usando Zapier e os filtros do Pipedrive mas é muito inconstante. 

  • Inês Batata
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    @Inês Batata  Thanks for your thoughts on this!



    Hi @Richard Hoffmann and @Paolo Puppoli !

    Apologies for the delay in my response, somehow the notification slipped by.

    At the moment our Automations don't do that type of time-dependent triggering, but we've just released triggering with date fields, check it out here.

    There may be more interesting additions to automations in the future, keep your eyes peeled. here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: