Looking for inbound/outbound pipeline workflows & best practices.

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Hi all,


Hope this will resonate with some of you and get a discussion going.

I'm very much interested about recommendations and tips regarding the best/most efficient way to handle inbound and outbound leads and deals on Pipedrive.

More specifically, how to accurately track inbound vs outbound performance all along the funnel.


How early - or late - do you input your outbound prospects on Pipe? As soon as there's a demo booked?
If so, how do you (easily) input the data from earlier in the funnel into Pipedrive?


Hopefully, you see where I'm going with this; i'm looking for best practices (hell, even playbooks) on how to drive your inbound and outbound funnels in Pipe simply and with accurate data.


Here are two specific examples of our case in Edflex and I'd be delighted to have feedback on this.

  • We input outbound deals in pipedrive when a demo call is booked. A lead gets created, handled until a demo is booked, at which point we convert it to a deal in the closing pipeline. Before the discovery call is booked, everything is done from our outreach tool (lemlist, a very neat french tool i'd be excited to talk about:)).
  • inbound deals are demo requests from our website and are directly input in pipedrive in an dedicated inbound pipe.
  • This creates complications from a reporting standpoint because there's no way to track infos from the deal that's attached to the activity you're tracking (what a mouthful!).




I also wanted to create a dialogue around  a second subject that I think will be of interest for everyone:


the best way to sequence activities on your inbound leads in order to do all of your pre-demo work from the activities panel.


I feel as though internal features aren't suited for this and haven't found the right method.

Going through Zapier showed some promise but it's quite time-consuming and prone to breaking. (think "find the deal=>find the user=>create the activity=>wait=>check the activity for updated owner, deal status, deal stage update=>create the activity=>wait... ad nauseum :))


Hope to read from this lovely community soon,

Arthur (from Edflex in Paris!)