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Suggestion :  use subject line to match email to existing deals - not just sender.

I have vendors who email on multiple deals.  The subject line usually includes the property address, which is often also in the deal name.  Easy to match if Pipedrive looked.

It could also work for any other variable if the user included the deal name content in a subject line.  "The Jones Proposal" and Jones Deal  could match.  A publisher could use a book name or auth name, etc.


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    Hi @John Stapleton , thank you for your feedback!

    Allowing the user to customize how emails get linked to deals is a really interesting idea but also a technically complex one ;) Currently this is how it works: How are emails threaded in Pipedrive?

    That being said, we appreciate your input and I've forwarded it internally to give the team thinking points for when they develop new updates.  Speaking of which, here’s how to get notified about what’s coming down the line:

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    This would be EXTREMELY helpful. Please prioritize this @Inês Batata with the internal team.

    A suggestion would be that the deal name must match verbatim somewhere in the subject line. As long as the subject contains the deal name EXACTLY letter for letter.... then this is NOT complicated to code and nowhere near as complex as you state. 

    If this was a dynamic field search through an array of all deal fields to match the subject line, then I would agree quite complex. But if simply stated, the deal name must be in subject line letter by letter exact match .... this could be implemented much easier. 

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    I agree on this one. I also have multiple contacts that I work with on a lot of different deals and projects. If there was a second way to identify the link between emails and deals AND emails and projects, that would be a huge add. I am in professional services, but I suspect there are many industries where this would be a huge help. It could use the subject of the email or even the body of the email.