New: Insights can now export all report fields at once 📊 🧾

Inês Batata
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Another great step forward on Insights: you can now export you report's data into a spreadsheet all in one go.

For whom?

All plans. 

How does it work?

  • for Deals and Activities reports
  • select and unselect the fields you want
  • click Export

If you can't see the Export button, clearing the cache and cookies in your browser and refreshing the page should fix it.


More to come:

  • exporting from the Summary table
  • internal sharing


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  • Adam Cooke
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    Hey! We created a tool called Cloudslurp that connects to Pipedrive and lets you pull all your data set data in one API call so you can have the whole data set in JSON format.

    check it out!

    It is also useful for backing up your pipedrive data. we are adding lots of new connectors for other systems and more features. Stay tuned!

  • Kelly Borskjaer
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    I'd love to be able to report the summary data Ines! 

  • Lev Mavashev
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    anyway to export the report Summary?