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Shawn Dunphy
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I know that it's not currently possible to export reports to a PDF file with graph images, but is something that's currently being looked into for future implementation?  It'd save my team a lot of time, as we currently have to use the snipping tool to manually cut and paste graph images/data into various documents for distribution to potential clients.


  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for reaching us regarding this!

    I was able to confirm with our lovely Insights team that exporting to PDF is indeed planned but we do not have an ETA yet.

    To stay updated on new features, you can follow our What's Planned and What's New pages. :)

    Kind regards,

  • Renat Gabitov
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    Do you use the graphs for reports or to make them visible to the team?

    I've built this automation that can send screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboards to send it to Slack / Google Drive / Email. You can check it out here. Hope it helps! 

  • Aaron Holdaway
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    Just to add some weight behind this, I know I would find it really useful to export Insights into a .pdf report for sharing with potential clients and discussing at Sales/Marketing Strategy Meetings.