What is your preferred video calling solution?

Veronika Traublinger
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What is your preferred video calling solution?


  • Marco Govoni
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    StarLeaf, is an enterprise solution, with native E2E encryption :-)

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    I would add Whereby to this list. It is apparently the 'newest kid on the block'.
  • Joseph Valenti
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    I use Vectera.com, and am I quite loving it. My visitor (usually my customer) clicks a link and they are immediately in my "waiting room". No download required, it just works in Chrome and Firefox. What it more, it also "just works" (still no download required by the visitor) when he/she shares a screen. This is HUGE for me. Months ago I had so much trouble getting people to download a Zoom widget... half the meeting was spent just getting to see the visitor's screen, so that I could see the problem.  I love Vectara and encourage you to try it!  (No I am NOT a paid affiliate, I just love the product).

  • Alexandre Guilbaud-Lainard
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  • Veronika Traublinger
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    @Amit Sarda Interesting! Haven't heard of them yet
  • Michael Roedeske
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    Microsoft Teams
  • Paul McKenna
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    MS Teams
  • Marcelo Silva
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    No atual contexto eu utilizo várias, dependendo do que funciona melhor para meu lead.
    1º Hangoust
    2º Whereby
    3º WPP Viceo Call
  • Kallie Johnson
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  • Michael Enslin
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    Microsoft Teams is brilliant. When you use the full suite, alongside Streams (for recording and curating content) its brilliant. We never have a meeting twice.
  • Christian Burris_1621
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    What is Webex and google hangouts? haahah
  • Harj Gadhvi
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  • Davide Muzzarelli
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    StarLeaf, especially for big companies.
  • Paul Downes
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  • Stefan_8741
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    We're using Bluejeans. Our main issue at the moment is that a meeting set up via Leadbooster automatically causes the linked Google calendar to send an invitation including a Google Meet link.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi everyone!

    Quick update: we've started beta testing for the Zoom integration and you can enrol in the link below if you'd like access to the initial version and to give us early feedback. 🚀

  • Cal Peters
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    I use Jitsi.  Works great and doesn't send you data to China.


  • Alex Sam
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    To make videos call, here the MirrorFly is suitable mobile apps and it built with a number of the additional features. This video chat api is highly scalable cloud infrastructure and also build with the multi layers security that assists to make videos call safer at every time. It has the option of the videos call recording that becomes quite simple and easy to make a voice call and other videos call.

    If you want further details, Let you see: https://bit.ly/3hgmhFm

  • Igor Abade
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    Microsoft Teams
  • Richard John_13649
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    I choose other,beacuse here MirrorFly not in your list. my fav video conferencing tool is MirrorFly is one of the top video calling experiences, which is setting the new normal for top-quality video conferencing. It is an excellent platform to build powerful programming tools for video conferencing. Features available

    • Peer-to-peer calling
    • Group conferencing
    • live broadcasting
    • best HD video quality
    • one-time license costs
    • low latency technologies & Easy scaling
    • Video encoders
    • End-to-end encryption

    The best feature perhaps is the ‘control’ available to manage the layout of the application such that each member can see and hear. Support any platform integration – iOS or Android, along with mobile integration and web application integration. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and Peer 2 Peer connections are easy to set up with this API.

  • Luciana Ayala
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    Can we expect in a near future a Hangouts integration?
  • Inês Batata
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    @Luciana Possibly an integration with Google Meets, but I can't make any promises at the time.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

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