Adding a customer logo to the organization overview

It is currently possible to add a photo of a contact person of an organization. But it is not possible to add a customer logo to the company where that person works.

In this way, the organization becomes more visually recognizable.

It may also be possible to make this logo visible in your general pipeline. This also makes it quicker to see which company it is compared to typed text.

See attached pictures for examples.

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  • Love this idea, would definitely help identifying Deal info at a glance as I deal with a lot of accounts

    Make it happen Pipedrive 🙏🏼

  • Yes please add this. Huge help visually.

  • Denzle McDonald
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    I'm sure there have been requests, such as this one:

    "It would be great have the ability to add logos to organisations within the Leads, Deals or Contacts Module of Pipedrive."

    I would second the motion. Name branding is important, as having logos added to business deals adds even more value to a customer portfolio

  • Also agree. Please add this!

  • Ronald_van_Esch_SociaalPlus
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    yes please! I would like that too

  • Bert Caryn
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    Yes, please. We would like to use it also in the workflow email notifications: notifying salespeople about a new lead in a visual way.

  • Bert Caryn
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    Awesome! An actual logo pipeline would be a great way to report. by the way, we use Surfe (ex-LeadJet) to feed organisational info from Linkedin. The logo upload could be part of such an integration.

  • An important feature that is missing

  • Tiphaine Bridoux
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    Hello, will be very relevant to have the Companies Logos for new deals, specially in a prospection plan! I need a visual and striking logo.Thanks.