What do you use for tracking KPI's?

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Hi team, I am looking for your advice on how you are tracking your sales teams KPI's.

We're in the process of expanding our sales team, which is currently just 4 members, spread across the globe. We are looking for a way to more formally track team members KPI's and ensure we've got our finger on the pulse of sales activities. 


We'd love to have a place to see company-wide statistics, but also views for each individual team member to be used during sales meetings. We are deciding whether we can do this in Pipedrive Insights or if we need to integrate with a third-party provider.

I've just spoken with Pipedrive support, who mentioned that the Pipedrive Goals feature is coming to Insights in October, but I'm not going to wait for them if I'm not confident the feature set will do what I need it to.

A few months ago, we set up a couple of Databox dashboards and I could generally get it to do everything we wanted (I only spent an hour or so setting it up), but I wanted to know what other systems are out there that are easy to set up, cost-effective (I've seen some systems asking for 3 x our total Pipedrive expense (I'm looking at you Dear Lucy ;)), deeply integrated with Pipedrive, and provide our sales managers with the information they need to manage their team and pipelines effectively.

Our KPI's

Our main KPI's that we're looking to track aren't too complex:

Company-wide (Aggregated)

  • Deals Started
  • Emails Sent
  • Phonecalls
  • Video Meetings

Individual Users:

  • Emails
  • Phonecalls
  • Discovery Meetings (custom activity)
  • Presentation Video Calls (custom activity)

We would like each KPI to have a specific target (e.g. 150 per month) and be able to compare to a previous period. E.g. as in this image below from Databox


Additional Requirements/Nice to Haves

We would also love for a way to track deal flow, basically the number of deals that have moved someway through the sales pipeline. E.g. tracking the number of deal movements Left > Right across the pipeline and aggregating them into a total for the month.

Finally, we would like to also be able to see on our dashboard a display of each deal that has a product associated with it. I am wondering about doing this simply with a Google Sheet that updates via Integromat each time a Product (e.g. Pipedrive Products) is updated and then feeding that, along with the deal title etc into Databox (or similar)

Anyway, keen to hear how everyone is managing their teams, their KPI's, and their sales meetings etc.




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    I am actually writing a detailed document about how I do this with Tableau. It should be out soon.

    You can see it live in action here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/sardamit#!/vizhome/PipedriveDashboardReportingTemplate/Menu

    There are also a couple of tutorials that walk you through how to use these dashboards:

    1. http://ior.ad/75aU
    2. http://ior.ad/76WC

    This dashboard is set up using Deals data alone at this point, but you can always add reporting for Activities data as well.

    You can achieve something similar with Google Data Studio, where it is a lot easier to compare the metrics for the previous period. In Tableau, you need additional calculations to make it work.


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    Hello Andrew!

    Great to hear you're looking into our solution! We so do share your ideas around tracking sales KPI's!

    First of all we've invested a lot to provide an in-depth sales tracking with a one-minute setup, exceptional user experience for all purposes from mobile to meetings, and have it all boost your sales in REAL-TIME!

    To mention a couple of must-have features:

    1. Dear Lucy dashboards work on company and personal level (also other dimensions easily available!)
    2. Our KPI's are "touchable", meaning you have automatic drill-downs to see details and trends 
    3. Our goal setting works in business dimensions (per company/person/others) and tracking works on DAILY basis! This way you can make sure to react immediately and make sure everyone reaches those goals!

    You can see this all by taking a free trial at https://www.dearlucy.co/

    I'd also recommend checking "How to add sales goals" from our tutorials https://www.dearlucy.co/tutorials

    Happy to talk more! Wish you all the best in expanding your sales team and business!

    PS. Dear Lucy was initially founded based on my experiences building an international tech company and trying to solve the same challenges of tracking sales as you're facing at the moment!




    Dear Lucy


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    What's up @Andrew Humphries ,

    I was looking for a similar solution a while back and I settled with Plecto.com. It's very straightforward, reasonably priced and has awesome customer service. I recommend you check them out, they should check all your boxes.

    I tested Dear Lucy's free trial, and compared to them, Plecto offers much more customization possibilities.

    To be honest, I think that the KPIs that you have a quite easy to track with Pipedrive Insights. Could you elaborate why you don't just use that?


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    Good news, Goals are now live in Insights! 🚀 Read all about it here.

    Pro tips:

  • Inês Batata
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    Good news, Goals are now live in Insights! 🚀 Read all about it here.

    Pro tips:

    @Andrew Humphries @Amit Sarda @Taina Sipila @Tomi Suomela 

    Update: Forecast Goals are now available too. Learn all about it here. 🚀