Jason Peters
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First off, after a year of implementation I love Pipedrive.  It has transformed the way our sales team communicates and documents details.  

HOWEVER, with the updated view, it appears that I have lost all access to Company Goals and User Goals.   Online help has been useless in getting me answers to this point.  They say that a goal feature for Insight will come out in October.  

Am I just missing it, or did that feature get completely removed?  Anyone else run into this issue?

Is it really true that Pipedrive turned off key features in GOALS before work arounds were available? IFf so they need to understand the impact of this decision to the users so those mistakes are not made again.  

We used Company and User goals for critical KPI's that were discussed weekly with the Sales team and presented monthly to the BOD.  The feature used to work AWESOME.  

Any help would be appreciated. (and if the answer from Pipedrive is an up sell on plans, it is time to move platforms!)

UPDATE 8/25 - 7:24 AM CST - Pipedrive was able to reactivate GOALS in the old navigation window with the online support going to bat for me with developers.   That is the type of service that builds an organization!