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Jaime Rojas
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I believe it would be extremely helpful to provide the ability to perform calculations in custom fields.  This would be even more useful if you could report on these custom fields.  ie...calculate commissions on project value or calculate profit margins etc.

Thank you for the consideration!


  • Roland Meents
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    I totally sign this. We would love to keep track on commissions in pipedrive too

  • Ryan Wiederstein
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    I think this product would be great but no calc fields makes it impossible for my use.  I'll just keep waiting.

  • Leroy
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    Looks like it is possible from an add-on app. i'm learning how to do with the help of the customer support

  • Helio_2884
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    Thank you for your feedback!

    As a workaround, I would suggest using Zapier. Zapier can grab values from field X and Y, make the necessary calculation and place the outcome in field Z. It can also make calculations by grabbing data from more fields.

    Here's an example of Zapier that can be used -