Email Tracking: Who opened it?

Would to be able to track who opened email not just when/if it was opened. Either a general tracking option of "track recipient" or show who opened it. Meaning if I go to a email with in a deal and the eye is blue and I click on it to show the times opened also include who opened it at that time the recipient, myself or someone on my team also tracking the deal.

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    I'm agree, this is really important if you send an email with multiple contacts.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello @kiloWatt Solar  , thank you for your feedback! 

    You make a very good point, however this is sadly not in the plans for the very near future due to limited development resources and the need to prioritise and make choices on what to deliver first.  However by using the topic Feedback & Suggestions , your request was automatically forwarded internally to our developers as a note for consideration 📝


    In the meantime I recommend:

    🛠Feel free to join  Research and Beta Testing  for the chance to try out early versions and give us your opinion about new and improved features before they go live 🛠



  • Scott Stefanc
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    @Manuel Oliveira This is definitely important. Especially since the tracking includes your own views which makes tracking totally useless. How am I supposed to determine how many times I may have accidentally triggered this simply by viewing it through the Pipedrive email? I have no way to know if anyone outside my organization has received let alone read. Other CRMs do this.