Feature Request: More statistics for ChatBot

Ted Youn
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I have many potential clients who are interested in ChatBot, but they complain that ChatBot doesn't provide enough statistics.


For example, this is the only stats that we have for each ChatBot.

  • We don't know how many times people clicked today, this week, or this month.
  • We only have total counts that visitor clicked the chatbot 386 times since it was installed.

In comparison, Typeform provides very detailed info such as drop-off, which helps us to get an insight about ChatBot performance.


Do you have any plan to add more stats for ChatBot? I think this will help many potential clients to sign up Pipedrive.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello Ted , thank you for your feedback! By using the topic Feedback & Suggestions , your request is automatically forwarded internally to our developers. These kind of stats are being looked into by the team, however it will not be something for the very near future. 

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